I n recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Kids Play Youth Foundation, along with Asian Pulse and Langara College hosted held their Second Annual Anti Racism Forum on March 20. Over 300 youth signed up to be a part of the event. Sgt. Baltej Dhillon shared his story about the victory he achieved 26 years ago which led him to become Canada’s first turbaned Sikh police officer. He gained the right to serve and protect while wearing his turban. SFU professor, Sam Thiara, KIDS PLAY discussed ways of developing intercultural harmony. Soleman Hashmi and Atish Ram shared their views and stories on the topic and later answered questions regarding incorporation of awareness of discrimination in a classroom setting. $2000 worth of scholarships were presented to students along with prizes from BC Cultural Bhangra Academy and Flex Fitness. More of these forums are in works to be brought to the community in the upcoming months.