Classic and always trending, red is best worn with jet black liquid eyeliner and liberal coats of mascara. However, try keeping the focus only on the lips. Keep your skin natural and dewy with sheer foundation. Ditch the blush and eyeliner and just swipe on a few coats of mascara.


Baby pink looks great on paler skin tones while deep pink is great if you have dusky skin. To avoid looking too girly, try monochromatic makeup. Use eye, lip and cheek colours in different shades and textures of pink. The trick works with almost every skin tone.


The colour is so rich and vibrant, it’s best to have subdued make-up on the rest of the face. Sheer-coverage foundation and soft eye make-up will let blue take centre stage. A light dusting of coral blush will complement the deep lipstick hue.


Although unusual, shades of yellow gold can lend a high-fashion feel to your beauty look. Reach for a high-coverage foundation to create a flawless base. On the eyes, play up the energy of the lip colour by drawing a cat-eye and then tracing over the top of the black line with a white liner pencil to create a dual look.


Whether applied lightly for a sheer look or slicked on heavily for a dramatic effect a la Rihanna, green looks gorgeous. Since the shade tends to hide your natural lip colour, pair it with pink and red hues on the cheeks and eyes. This will bring back your natural flush to other areas of the face.


The colour complements a sun-kissed glow. When going for an orange lip, apply bronzer wherever the sun would naturally hit your face — on the forehead, highest points of the cheekbones, point of the nose, chin, and shoulder — to warm up the skin. Sweep pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural warmth and balance.


Blue has the ability to make your teeth appear whiter. Keep it simple when wearing blue lipstick by framing the eyes with a thin line of liquid eyeliner and using a sheer, tinted moisturizer.


Take away its goth associations, and the colour black gets sophisticated. Keep the skin natural in coverage and finish. Pair the dark hue with a diffused smokey eye and surprise people who expect bold eyeliner.