If you consistently follow fitness in your routine then your body and mind will always be healthy. For this, there is no need to spend hours in gym. You can perform various activities such as walking, swimming, meditation or yoga.

Now days for those who do sitting job for more than 8 hours in the office, which includes telephonic jobs, writing or any kind of desk bound jobs will have a chance of being obese. You may have to face problems such as cramps or back pains. Yoga is the best medicine for them.

Yoga teaches you the art of living. It is the best way to unite the mind, body and soul. The best part about the yoga is that there is no age barrier. No matter how young or old, frail or fit, yoga wiil never make you feels like an alien. Practicing Yoga proves to be an effective solution for curing various disorders.

Benefits that yoga gives to you:

-Yoga makes your body more flexible and prevents you from facing any kind of back pains or bad posture.

-Build your muscle strength and result of which there is prevention from the problem of arthritis.

-Prevents you from joint breakdown and cartilage. 4Yoga helps in curbing the problem of slumping

-Forward bends, back bends and twist helps in keeping the spinal disk moves flexibly and also strengthened your spine.

-Another important change body feels after doing yoga is increase of blood circulation. It will boost up the level of haemoglobin.

How to Practice Yoga

-Start the morning with the check of body and mind consciousness, before you get out of the bed. After becoming aware of your body, then start the exercises.

-Stand keeping your legs together.

-Inhale and raise the arms to the side and above your head.

-After that take a deep breathe.

-Stretch your shoulder, wrist, legs, and chest and then come to your toes.

This Asana helps in increasing the height and bringing joy and happiness in your life. It is known as Palm Tree pose.

If you are feeling stress or tension, then taking a deep breathe will make you relax your mind. These exercises, if performed few minutes before you going on a work every day, it will allow you to let go any stress, problems and fills your life with full energy.

Yoga exercises that you can do in your office if you have a sitting job

You can also do some exercises sitting in office, if you do not have time to do at your home. There are some exercises that you can do whiling sitting that is stretching and breathing. It reduces the problem of back pain and neck strain.

To make your shoulders and chest to work actively, do chair dips. Put both your chair arms and slowly lift the bottom off chair. Low yourself back down and stop the same, when your bottom is few inches off the seat. Repeat thw same for 15 times.

To make lower body works in a fit and fine way, extend or stretch the lower leg, alternating left and right. While sitting in the chair, lift your one leg and straighten it, but do not bend your knees. Count till three and lower your foot and hold it for several seconds. Perform the same activity with your other leg. Performing yoga exercises is not so hard; it will help you in keeping your body moving. To get better results of yoga, track your progress and make moving easy. It is the best way to make your body fit and fill your life with joy and happiness.