Rose water is a versatile and highly potent beauty essential with usage that dates back to ancient Egyptian and Roman times. One of the most legendary beauties of the ancient world — Cleopatra — is famous for using rose water as a crucial part of her beauty regime. In India, rose water is a primary beauty product found in almost every household.

With such widespread usage and popularity, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most significant elements in beauty rituals worldwide. Here are the top 10 benefits of rose water –

1. Slows aging

Prolonged exposure to the sun, hectic lifestyles, unhealthy eating, pollution and stress are all factors that aid the generation of free radicals, which make your skin age faster. They also exact a heavy toll on your mind. Rose water tackles aging by fighting off free radicals and helps you keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

2. Acts as a powerful antioxidant

Rose water is an extremely powerful natural antioxidant that strengthens your skin’s cells and aids in regenerating skin tissues. Adding a few drops to your DIY (Do It Yourself) face masks will tighten your skin and make it look firm and fresh.

3. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties

With powerful anti-inflammatory properties, rose water is a great solution for itchy and irritated skin, dermatological skin conditions, redness, eczema, psoriasis, acne and sensitive skin. It removes excess oil and dirt from your face, thereby preventing even future outbreaks of acne.

4. Maintains the pH balance of your skin

pH balance is what protects your skin from bacteria, acne and allergens. Healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH average of 5.5. Most skin problems crop up when there is a pH imbalance and using harsh products such as soaps and facial cleansers only aid disrupting the pH balance. With a pH balance of 5.5, rose water brings your skin back to normal.

5. Refreshes your skin Rose water keeps your skin completely hydrated and helps you maintain a refreshed and supple look for an ample period of time. Its hydration properties not only moisturize your skin but also your scalp and revitalize hair growth as well as your skin.

6. Soothes sunburns

With its extremely potent cooling properties, rose water soothes skin that’s sunburnt and helps in accelerating the healing process. If you ever forget your sunscreen, simply sprinkle some rose water to instantly soothe the affected area.

7. Tones your skin

Toning is a vital part of any skincare routine as it helps in removing any residual dirt, oils or debris after the cleansing process. It also restores essential nutrients and gives your skin a firm and vibrant look. Rose water cleans your pores, tightens capillaries and tones your skin.

8. Comes with anti-bacterial properties

Rose water also has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The antibacterial properties can be attributed to a high phenyl ethyl alcohol content — the key to combat bacteria and microbes. That’s why rose water helps in the healing of scars, wounds, burns and cuts.

9. Helps you sleep better The scent of rose water has been known to help you sleep better and completely relax after a long day. As an age-old Ayurvedic (ancient Indian medicine) remedy, rose water is destressing and a natural sedative. It helps greatly with insomnia and sleeplessness.

10. Enhances your mood With its strong anti-depressant properties, the aroma of rose water is known to rid people of anxiety and promote emotional well-being. It also helps relieve headaches. This automatically reduces stress and enhances your mood.

With such glorious benefits, rose water is practically a magic potion that solves almost all of your health and beauty problems. Adding this powerful element to your skincare and beauty routines will greatly benefit your skin, hair and health.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/
Content Strategist